Thursday, December 08, 2005

The One with the Ice

Uh-oh, I'm posting two days in a row! Someone alert the media! I'm conducting a test to see if I can be a regular blogger and still have a life away from my computer. Alot of you out there in the blog world have kids, spouses, and careers. If you can do it, so can I. So, last night I went to bed with visions of snowflakes dancing in my head. I awoke at 7am (very early for me) to find ice, not snow, and alot of it. As you know, in Texas our weather changes at the drop of a hat. On Saturday we had temps in the 80's, and yesterday afternoon, they began dropping rapidly into the 20's along with this slushy stuff, not really rain but not snow. I had to pry my door open to get into my car, and then search frantically for my ice scraper so that I could get home last night. When I arrived home I tried to rescue my poor container garden, but I'm afraid my hydrangeas may never recover. I decided to brave the ice this morning and try to make it to work around 10. Now, I love my state, but I must admit Texans can't drive. Things come to a stand still when it rains. Throw some ice into the mix, and you're just asking for trouble. TexDOT does not know how to handle this kind of weather either, and the road I live on was not sanded. Keep in mind that this is a major road that turns into a freeway. Things were going well until I got closer to the first light and had to brake. Then I began sliding, which freaked me out. Once I got to the light, I decided to turn and pull over for awhile. I called in to work and said I was going back home, but then I spoke to my SIL and found out that I-35 was in good condition. At this point I was afraid to go back from whence I came, so I made my way over to 35 and had no problems getting to work. At work, there were only about 5 people there, and only one of our support staff showed up, so I had to help them out all day since I used to be one of them before my elevation to cytotech. It was kinda nice to have a break from the microscope for awhile. More people showed up around noon, and everyone was complaining. I could do without having to thaw my car before driving and the sliding on the roads, but I, for one, am glad to have a December that feels like December. My drive home was very uneventful, not even the normal traffic got in my way. The pictures that I took this morning were not very good, so I tried to find you all something else pretty to look at. Tonight our temperature is supposed to get to 17. SEVENTEEN! I don't think that's ever happened since I've been alive. Alright, I'm off to drink some hot chocolate and snuggle under a blanket, or three.


CT said...

thats nothing!!! today was 8 degrees, and tomorrow will get worse... on top of that my mom wants to run... LOL... yeah right!!!

hey goose thanks for being my wing girl with jane I need all the help I can get... we finally agreed on a bet for the UT vs USC game... LOL...wish me luck!!!

Lish said...

I know, but the difference is you are used to cold weather.

Bearette24 said...'re back! I thought you had left the world of blogging :(

utenzi said...

Damn this global warming!