Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The One with the Weddings

Two weekends ago, my friend Sunny and I went to a couple of weddings up in Dallas. Her friend Angie was getting married in the Colony Sat morning, and my friend Jenn was getting married in Grapevine Sat evening. We went up friday night and stayed with my old college roommate Heather. She recently got married in Vegas, and I had never met her husband. He was very nice, and we all had a great time eating queso and drinking Corona. The first wedding on Sat was very nice, and we had some food and a couple of drinks. Then we drove over to Grapevine, checked into our hotel, and had some margas at Don Pablo's. Jenn's wedding was at a winery, and it was a blast. Alot of her friends and family were all staying at the same hotel, so after the reception we all headed back there for an after party at the pool. It was good times!

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Anonymous said...

What cool person took that great pic? Love the site Lish and miss you bunches.