Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The One with the Fall

Last week, I went for another ride on the San Gabriel trail in Georgetown, when something happened that has left me a little disenchanted with mountain biking . I was riding down a steep hill when I lost control and fell hard onto a mound of limestone. Thankfully there wasn't any lasting damage done to the bike. I do have some rock rash on my leg, quite a few bruises, and for the first few days after the fall I couldn't move my thumb. I thought at first it might be broken, but I think I just broke alot of blood vessels. I am posting some pics of views from the trail and the infamous rock that I fell on. I have now recovered except for the bruises and the rock rash, and I will conquer that trail!


CT said...

it's because you are such a bad ass!!!

CT said...

so when do you get your new CPU?