Monday, May 23, 2005

The One with the Pool Party

This weekend Special K and I had a pool party for 2 of our friends that are moving. Kellie is going to PA school in San Antonio, and "Scuba" Steve is going to law school in Houston. Even though it was hot as Hades, good times were had by all! We grilled some meat, drank alot of beer, and frolicked in the pool. Our friend Quazar aka Bud Light Man entertained us all with his crazy diving antics. I had bought a key lime pie for dessert, and one of Karen's dalmations pulled it off the table onto the patio. This did not stop people from eating it. They just pulled up a chair and dug in! I promise to post pics of all this later, when Craig teaches me how. I have an awesome pic of Quazar upside down in the air. Later!


CT said...

nice, go scuba it's your birthday!!!

Michael said...

I like your blog site! Tell Karen I found my Bud Light necklace - my powers have been RESTORED! Pool parties around the world are safe once again.

Quazar (aka BUD-LIGHT-MAN :)