Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The One with the Challenge

I have three friends that are all competing in a triathalon on Memorial Day. I am very excited for them, however this has been the only topic of conversation at lunch for several weeks now. They have gotten me to agree to try one next year. So, I am putting it out there officially so that I cannot renig on my word. Next year I will complete a triathalon. I don't care about being competetive, I just want to finish it. You all must make sure I keep to my word. I began my training last night by swimming approximately 800 meters in about 30 min. Not too bad. Also, I have confiscated my brothers mountain bike because he hasn't used it in years. It needs alot of work, so I am taking it to be repaired next week. I can't wait to start cycling!

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CT said...

go gooose go!!!!!!!!