Sunday, June 05, 2005

The One with the Bachelorette Party

One of my dear friends, Jenn, is getting married in two weeks, and this weekend we had a bride-to-be extravaganza. We started with a shower at her sister Erica's house, then we moved to Cara's for a naughty lingerie party, then we headed to the wharehouse district for some bachelorette fun. At the lingerie party, we played a game where we had to put this really long and floppy male "part" between our knees and try to pass it to one another, and I won! My prize was a nicely flavored treat that I can't use because my love life is non-existent! We had so much fun dancing at the new place downtown called Vicci. All the guys there that night had their ultimate fantasy realized. Eight beautiful girls all dancing with each other, kissing, and even some water splashing from the water wall! And did I mention that Jenn and Erica are twins!

P.S. Disclaimer: It was all innocent bachelorette fun, so no one get all FCC on my blog.
P.S.S. And no one needs to show my blog to my mother!


CT said...

thats insane!!! but moments like that need to have picture for us guys to get excited about...

Good Times..

Lish said...

Hopefully I will be posting pics this weekend, if you help me. There are some that you will really enjoy!