Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The One with Halloween, Wurst Fest, and Dave Chappelle

I know it's been awhile folks, and I'm sorry. I've been really busy, so this is going to be a catchup post about the last several weeks. Let's start with Halloween weekend. I had been invited to this really big Halloween party, but the girl that invited me got into a fight with her boyfriend, so we didn't go. Instead we went downtown. I was dressed as a pirate's wench (sorry, no pictures). I met Special K, Granola, and Fendi at Opal Divine's, this bar on 6th known for its Scotch. I had a couple of scotch on the rocks to calm my nerves about being in a costume. The only problem with this plan is that when I start with hard liquor, I don't stop. From there we went to Fado's, an Irish bar on 5th and one of my favorites. They were having a Heaven and Hell costume party. By far the best costume I saw was this guy dressed like the painting of the man with a green apple in front of his face. It was the most original costume I think I've ever seen. Some girl dressed like a pirate came up behind me and yelled
"ARRRGGGG!" in my ear. She scared the crap out of me and then would not leave me alone the rest of the night. I guess she thought I was her personal pirate wench. We all made it home safely and had a great time. On the actual day of Halloween, Monday, I went to my brother's for what my sister-in-law was calling their white-trash Halloween party, because they were having it in the front yard. It was mostly couple friends of theirs with children, but I made Granola come with me so I wouldn't be the only single there. We had food and beer for the adults and games and candy for the kids. My niece and nephew were Tinkerbell and Peter Pan and looked adorable, but I was unable to get any good pictures of them. The pic is of my friend Debs and her children at the party.

The next weekend, my friends were doing the Wurst Ride from Austin to New Braunfels. I went down to cheer them across the finish line. I could never spend 5 hours on a bike! However, I can go to Wurst Fest afterwards and eat sausage and drink lots of German beer, which is what we did for the rest of the day. The next day I had to get up before the sun and go walk in Race for the Cure. I wanted so badly to sleep in, but I was team captain so I couldn't. It was really hot and humid and miserable, and the rest of the day I sat on my couch and watched the history channel instead of running errands.

Last weekend, I went with my sis-in-law to a scrapbook retreat. It was at this ranch in the middle of nowhere, and all we did was scrapbook all weekend. I actually had more fun than I thought I was going to. This place cooks all your meals and snacks, and they have other activites if you want to take a crop break. On Saturday, they had someone giving massages, which was great since I had gotten a charley horse the night before and needed some help. They also had a large selection of chick flicks for us to watch while we were cropping. On Sunday, when we came home, I had tickets to see Dave Chappelle. I had thought he was going to be at Austin Music Hall, which is the really small, intimate venue, but to my surprise he was at the Frank Erwin center, where UT plays basketball. There were like 15,000 people there! Not intimate at all! It was still great though. My favorite part was this little skit he did about the p word and the five senses. Sorry I can't tell it to you. I am unable to say that word. I love Dave Chappelle. When I was in college, my friends and I used to hang out every night at my friend Skills' house during the summer, and we watched Half Baked a million times. Aaaahhh, those were good times back in the day.

So, that is the 411. I'll try not to be away so long again. I hope I was missed. I know I miss you guys! Look, CT, I said you guys and not y'all. Aren't you proud? BTW, from now on I'm going to call CT Maverick since I am his Goose. I've tried this before, but this time, it's going to stick! Later!

Friday, November 04, 2005

The One with a Blogaholic

Some of you may have noticed that I have not been posting as frequently nor have I been commenting as much. This is because I had become a Blogaholic. I found this list awhile back, and let's just say I discovered that I was very sick. I had many of these symtpoms, like more than 20 less than 50. Even before finding this, I knew I had a problem. To all of my blog buddies, I love reading all of your posts, but many of you post every day. There are many more blogs that I read than my blogroll reflects because I'm lazy and haven't added them all yet. So, between trying to write my own posts and keep up with all of yours, I was spending way too much time in front of the computer. My apartment was a wreck (which if you know me, this drives me crazy), I was only getting a few hours sleep a night (which means I was falling asleep at my scope during the day), and my friends were accusing me of becoming a recluse. I actually turned down invitations on the weekend to stay home and play Michele's weekend meet-n-greet. Don't get me wrong I love the weekend meet-n-greet, but I needed help. So, this is why I have not been around as much. My apartment is back to being spotless, I'm trying to sleep at least 6 hours a night, and I'm not home much on the weekends (or during the week for that matter). So my dear blog friends, I love and miss you all, but have patience with me. I will come visit you all as often as I can, and please keep coming back.