Tuesday, June 28, 2005

The One with the Fall

Last week, I went for another ride on the San Gabriel trail in Georgetown, when something happened that has left me a little disenchanted with mountain biking . I was riding down a steep hill when I lost control and fell hard onto a mound of limestone. Thankfully there wasn't any lasting damage done to the bike. I do have some rock rash on my leg, quite a few bruises, and for the first few days after the fall I couldn't move my thumb. I thought at first it might be broken, but I think I just broke alot of blood vessels. I am posting some pics of views from the trail and the infamous rock that I fell on. I have now recovered except for the bruises and the rock rash, and I will conquer that trail!

The One with the Weddings

Two weekends ago, my friend Sunny and I went to a couple of weddings up in Dallas. Her friend Angie was getting married in the Colony Sat morning, and my friend Jenn was getting married in Grapevine Sat evening. We went up friday night and stayed with my old college roommate Heather. She recently got married in Vegas, and I had never met her husband. He was very nice, and we all had a great time eating queso and drinking Corona. The first wedding on Sat was very nice, and we had some food and a couple of drinks. Then we drove over to Grapevine, checked into our hotel, and had some margas at Don Pablo's. Jenn's wedding was at a winery, and it was a blast. Alot of her friends and family were all staying at the same hotel, so after the reception we all headed back there for an after party at the pool. It was good times!

Sunday, June 12, 2005

The One with an Austin Favorite Part 2

Today I am going to talk about Shady Grove. It is one of my all time favorite places in Austin. I love to go there on a hot summer day, sit under the trees, drink a cold Shiner, eat a Hippie sandwich with some cheese fries, and relax. During the summer, they have Unplugged at the Grove every Thursday where they set up chairs and have live music. I went this last Thursday to listen to Toni Price who is a well known local artist. It was a great night, not too hot with a nice breeze, and the music was awesome. I highly encourage everyone to check out the Shady Grove. It rocks!

The One with the Bike

I have had the best weekend! On Friday, when I got home my neighbors were sitting outside, so I joined them and had a few beers and nice conversation. These are the only neighbors I have ever met living in an apartment. Saturday night I went to a dinner party at my friend Diana's house and got a little tipsy on wine and port. Sunday I went to brunch and a movie with the girls from work. We saw Mr.and Mrs. Smith. I liked it even though all I could think about was the Brad cheating on Jen with Angelina hype. Then I got my bike from the shop and went up to Georegtown for a ride. It was awesome! I had know idea of the trails that are just down the road from Pam and Stephen's house. I rode around some of Lake Georgetown and then went the other way and rode along the San Gabriel River. It was such a beautiful trail, and I saw several deer. I am so sad that I forgot my camera! Oh well, next time!

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

The One with the Godmother

On May 3rd, one of my best friends, Debs, gave birth to her second child, a little boy named Michael Lee. He was born at 7:59 a.m. and weighed 7lbs 1 oz. he is absolutely adorable, and I love him! She and her husband Lee asked me if I would be the godmother, and ofcourse I said yes. So, on Memorial Day weekend we went to Nac for the baptism. They had the option of either pouring water over his head or submerging him, and naturally Lee wanted to submerge him. Michael did very well though, he only cried a little. I am so happy for them and very honored that they asked me to be the godmother!

P.S. Now that I am the head of the Family, I am taking applications for my right hand man. I will accept bribes, preferably Manolos or Jimmy Choos.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

The One with an Austin Favorite Part 1

This is the debut of what is going to become a frequent post. I absolutlely love living in Austin, and I am going to share with you some of the reasons why I think it is such a great city. This week I am going to tell you about the Oasis. It is a legendary restaurant on Lake Travis known for its fantastic views. I love to go there and watch the sun set while sitting on one of the many decks and sipping a margarita. Sadly though, last week the Oasis was ravaged by a fire. Lightning struck one of the decks during a severe storm and quickly spread. But like a Pheonix, the Oasis will rise from the ashes! It will be rebuilt, and has even partially reopened since there was one area the fire didn't destroy. Check out this sight to see pics of this Austin legend and its views atThe Oasis, and check out this sight for info on the fire atNews 8 Austin.

The One with the Bachelorette Party

One of my dear friends, Jenn, is getting married in two weeks, and this weekend we had a bride-to-be extravaganza. We started with a shower at her sister Erica's house, then we moved to Cara's for a naughty lingerie party, then we headed to the wharehouse district for some bachelorette fun. At the lingerie party, we played a game where we had to put this really long and floppy male "part" between our knees and try to pass it to one another, and I won! My prize was a nicely flavored treat that I can't use because my love life is non-existent! We had so much fun dancing at the new place downtown called Vicci. All the guys there that night had their ultimate fantasy realized. Eight beautiful girls all dancing with each other, kissing, and even some water splashing from the water wall! And did I mention that Jenn and Erica are twins!

P.S. Disclaimer: It was all innocent bachelorette fun, so no one get all FCC on my blog.
P.S.S. And no one needs to show my blog to my mother!