Friday, August 26, 2005

The One with the Tilted Kilt

"There once was a lad with drawl
never a bar did he brawl
he'd double fist'em down
order another round
and never leave without a, thank y'all!"

It is just after 10 o'clock on a Friday night, and I am wasted. I always get stressed out at work around review time( which is now), so I have been drinking alot lately. Tonight I went to happy hour at this new place called the Tilted Kilt that is literally like 2 minutes from my home. Think Hooters but with Irish beer and food, and the waitresses wear naughty Catholic school girl outfits instead of orange shorts. I was excited because even though I don't have the body to work there, my hair is exactly like the girl in their logo. Craig, it is like your heaven. Come back to Austin, bring Rudy, and I'll take you there. So, I have been drinking Guiness since about 5, and it has definitely taken effect! Because of the waitresses, this joint attracts alot of male customers, which means there was alot of eye candy for me as well. I spent most of the evening making eye contact with this guy, let's call him plaid shirt guy, but no go. Oh well! I have to pass out now because I agreed to one of those damn Saturday morning bike rides for tomorrow!


Bella said...

Oh my GAWD! I wanna go! And no, I ended up... doing bad things instead of going to that comedy club... ;)

Thumper said...

Too bad I'm not in TX anymore...I don't do clubs but I'd go there!

here via Michele's :)