Tuesday, August 23, 2005

The One with My Aching Back

This morning I woke up with an aching back, and it wasn't from a wild and crazy night. Ever since I got my new furniture, I have been unable to sleep in my room. I don't know why exactly. It's just too perfect looking, like a hotel room. This weekend I spent alot of time in there hanging pictures, putting out decorations, hanging a canopy, putting clothes in the dresser, etc. But I just don't feel like it's my room yet. So, last night I decided to make myself sleep in my new bed. Even after several glasses of wine I had difficulty falling asleep, but that's not really unusual. I have alot of sleep issues and am somewhat of an insomniac. Then this morning I wake up in pain. Great! I don't know if it's the mattress or the new pillows I bought that are supposed to be for stomach sleepers. I will give it one week, and then I'm going back to sleeping in the guest room!


Bella said...

Nooo! LOOK how cute your room is! Get one of those foam thingies! Okay okay... So, can I have it? :P Seriously, it's awesome!

Anonymous said...

Your room is gorgeous! At least the white and blue is gone....LOL It takes a while sometimes to get used to sleeping in a new bed, so I am sure it will be fine....if not, give it to me :)

Lish said...

Thanks Bella and Sunny! I think I'm getting used to it, so I guess it will be staying with me. Sorry!

CT said...

i can picture rudy bouncing up and down on it... lol