Sunday, February 05, 2006

The One with the Hottie of the Week Super Bowl Edition

Steelers win 21-10. YEA! They are my second favorite professional football team, so this is the first Super Bowl that I have cared about in awhile. It was a pretty good Super Bowl I thought. Not nearly as exciting as the Rose Bowl, but can anything ever be as great as that? The commercials were decent. My personal favorite was the one with the sheep streaker. Funny! The halftime show was much better than last year. I know Paul McCartney is a legend, but it was so boring last year. Ofcourse, the greatest thing about the Stones is marveling about the fact that they are still alive. I guess all the alcohol and drugs have had a preservative effect on them. Now time for business. Hines Ward may have won the official MVP, but my MVP goes to hottie Ben Roethlisberger. He is a cutie! I love football players. They are just so virile. Enjoy!

P.S. Was anyone else pissed at the ending of Grey's Anatomy? I hate cliffhangers!


CT said...

Yeah the cliffhanger pissed me off too!!!

I think this guy wants you!!!!

Bearette24 said...

we kept checking to see if grey's anatomy was on, then we tuned in around 11. the cliffhanger was annoying but cliffy! that is, exciting...