Sunday, January 15, 2006

The One with 28 Things About Moi

Since I have become another year older, I have to udate my more about me list and add a #28.
I feel pressure to make it something juicy, but I don't have that many juicy secrets, at least not that I'm willing to share. So, here goes.

1. I was born and raised in the oldest town in Texas, Nacogdoches.
2. My great great grandfather signed the Texas Declaration of Independence.
3. I am the youngest of five. I have two half-sisters, a half-brother, and a brother. The half siblings, or the Elders as I call them, and I have the same father but different mothers.
4. I love my sister-in-law dearly and will be eternally grateful that she married my brother.
5. My initials are LAB, and I work in a pathology lab. It was destiny.
6. I tell people that my job is to screen slides and look for cellular changes associated with cancer, which is true. I leave out that most of the slides are pap smears.
7. I was pre-med in college and still have aspirations to become a doctor. I am just terrified of not getting in to med school, and therefore, I have not applied.
8. I have a really bad habit of twisting my hair into knots that I have to cut out.
9. I have naturally curly hair that I sometimes wear straight, and it hurts my feelings when people tell me they like it better that way.
10. Also, my personality changes when my hair is straight. I become much more assertive and outgoing. I call her Nicole.
11. I am liberal and consider myself a Democrat, but I took an online quiz that said I was a liberal Republican. Isn't that an oxymoron?
12. I am single and very content for the most part, but I occasionally get lonely and depressed. On those nights, I end up drinking a bottle of wine and eating chocolate while watching old episodes of Sex and the City.
13. My favorite food is cheese, and unfortunately my body has started to reflect that love. My favorite ice cream is Ben & Jerry's Everything But The. My choice for caffeine is Diet Dr. Pepper, and my favorite adult beverage is wine, preferably red.
14. I have many sleep issues, including a recurring nightmare in which someone is trying to kill me. My sister-in-law thinks this is because I overschedule myself.
15. I sleep with a stuffed elephant named E, and a killer whale that does not have a name yet.
16. I took four years of French in school. I am now trying to correct that mistake and learn Spanish since a large part of my town and state speak this language.
17. My father was a UT grad, and I have grown up as a Longhorn fan. I went to college in my hometown, but I did go to cyto school at a UT affiliated school. I think this qualifies me as being a Longhorn.
18. I have many addictions including magazines, scrapbooking, and most recently blogging.
19. Like most women, I have a very large shoe collection. I think the reason women love shoes so much is because no matter how much our dress size may change, our shoe size stays the same.
20. My all time favorite TV show is Friends, and I am a little afraid I may be turning into Monica.
21. My favorite number is 9. When I was little it was always my age, and when I got to 9 I stopped.
22. I think I have symptoms of OCD because I have to eat french fries in pairs of equal size and M&M's in groups of three of different colors.
23. My first vehicle was a green Pontiac Sunfire that I bought myself when I was 18.
24. I have a fascination with the mafia that scares me a little. I blame that for my disastrous last relationship. He was Italian but not in the mafia.
25. That being said, the vacation destination I most want to see is Italy. Not because of the mafia, but because of the wine.
26. I love to gamble. My favorite casino game is Let It Ride Poker, and my favorite sports bet is March Madness.
27. I cannot leave Target without spending at least $100 even when I have a list.
28. I have a small tatoo of a butterfly in the middle of my lower back. Technically I got it because I lost a bet involving tequila, but secretly I wanted to get one.

That's all folks!


Carol said...

Belated birthday wishes, Lish.
I hadn't read your list before so it was interesting.
#2 Wow, great heritage!
#5 I like that-LAB.
#7 Do it! Do it!
#19 You are probably right!

Uisce said...

#7 -- fear of rejection is such a powerful force, isn't it? How about this... I'll try and get a literary agent for my novel if you apply to medical school. Deal? :)

CT said...

yep it's true, I've seen it...

used*to*be*me* said...

I dream of Italy too. The art, the museums, the wine. ahhh

J. Andrew Lockhart said...

my kind of person! :)