Monday, October 03, 2005

The One with Lance

Every year, or at least the last 6, the city of Austin throws a victory bash for Lance Armstrong. This year he decided to have a thank you concert in recognition of all the support the community has given him throughout his career. It was held on Sunday, October 2nd, nine years to the day since he was diagnosed with cancer. Bob Schneider, a local legend, started things off, followed by a video of all Lance's Tour wins, and then a speech by the man of the hour himself. He presented our mayor with a thank you proclamation and a yellow jersey, and then he showed a video about the work of his foundation. Next, he cracked a joke about paying top dollar for the night's headliner, Sheryl Crow. She played all her hits and put on a great show. She is every bit as good live as she is recorded. One of Lance's daughters kept coming out on stage, so Sheryl just let her stay. It was very cute! For the encore song, Lance even played the drums. There is nothing like a free concert in Austin at Auditorium Shores with the view of the Austin skyline in the background, the smell of pot in the air, and our famous resident transvestite bum, Leslie, posing for pictures. A small shower, just a sprinkle really, cooled things off, and I was able to just sit back and relax with my Tecate and listen to some good music. Good times!


CT said...

Goose that fucking rocks!!! I would have loved to see that!!! Thanks for sharing that, and really nice pics!!!


utenzi said...

I don't know, Lish. Lance is so last year. Just the "athlete marrying singer thing" can make me *yawn* just thinking about it. Next they'll divorce and both marry politicians. It's so been done! And then they'll appear on a show with Paris Hilton.

The transvestite sounds novel though. They're not usually bums. Maybe Hollywood will become interested. Might be the next new thing!

Lish said...

I am by no means his biggest fan, but Lance is still very popular in Austin. Leslie, the tranvestite, is a well known homeless person in Austin. He runs for mayor every electoral year, and the citizens here sort of take care of him. Keep Austin Weird and all that.

Finn said...

A tranny homeless person? Where does she get her dresses?

Hi - Michele sent me!

Anonymous said...

Leslie wears flashy tube tops and miniskirts with fishnets. Goes well with his unkept beard. I'm not a big Lance or Sheryl fan. But sounds like you had a good time.

E said...

I think that sounds awesome. I love Sheryl Crow....I'd have loved to be there drinking a cold one, too!