Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The One with Homecoming

I'm back! I've actually been back a couple of days, but I haven't been home much. This past weekend, I went to Nacogdoches to go to the homecoming game. I went to the game with my high school sweetheart, let's call him JT. We have remained friends although it has not always been easy. I had really great weekend. Nac beat Pine Tree 59-30. Yea! I didn't see alot of people from my class, but the class of '95 was having a reunion so there were alot of people there that I knew. Also, one of my favorite teachers, Mr. Gibson, was selling tickets, so I got to chat with him awhile. He was my A&P teacher. I was looking forward to the halftime performance, since I was in band and a twirler in high school. The twirlers were not very good, but the band looked awesome. After the game we went to Casa for some drinks. I love their queso and used to go here every year for my birthday. The next day I had lunch and ran some errands with my mom, then I headed up to Bullfrogs to watch the Texas game with JT. I was watching 3 games at once, UT vs. Colorado, USC vs. ND, and the Astros. I'm still upset about Notre Dame barely losing to USC. What a game! Next, I took my mom out for dinner at a nice Italian restaurant we have in Nac. Then I went to a club with JT and some of his friends. I stayed out a little too late and imbibed a little too much which made the drive home on Sunday difficult, but I had a great time.
Being back in Nac always makes me reminisce. I remember how dramatic everything was in high school, and how sure I was of what would happen in my future. None of the things I had planned have happened, and being an adult with adult problems makes you realize just how easy high school really was. I wish sometimes that I could go back to that carefree feeling. The feeling that you have your whole future ahead of you with so many possibilites. I'm happy with my life and the decisions that I made that have lead me to where I am, but it's just interesting to wonder where you'd be if you'd done things different, or the way you originally planned. Hmm?

P.S. I think JT's new haircut and facial hair make him look like Dave Navarro.


CT said...

did you have naughty EX SEX?

Bearette24 said...

I was in band in high school too...clarinet. I had a friend who was in the baton squad and we switched uniforms one Halloween.

I know what you mean about plans going in different's interesting...reminds me of "Sliding Doors".

Glad you had a good time...and impressed that you are still friends with an ex!


Dave said...

it's so true about the "problems" of youth and how insignificant they really are. try telling that to my jr-high daughter, though. HAH!

utenzi said...

Remember Boyle's law, Lish? About how a gas will expand to fill the space that's available.

Problems are the same way. They expand to fill our mind so even if they're small--they seem huge to us at the time. Just a way to keep our brain busy.

Becky said...

Whenever I hear someone in high school or even college complain about things, I try to tell them (in the most uncondescending tone I can) to enjoy where they are b/c they will never have it as easy again.

Glad you had a good time, though. That queso sounds delish. Oddly, I've also remained friends with my Exes.

Lish said...

No CT there was no naughty business. I'm a good girl, remember. Bearette, Sliding Doors is one of my all time favorite movies!