Monday, September 05, 2005

The One with Florida State

Today I did alot of nothing. I slept late, took a long bath, scrapbooked a little, spent entirely too much time on the net, and checked my football scores since I was out of town on Saturday and couldn't watch the games. To my delight, I discovered that not only had TCU defeated OU (woohoo!), but that I was tied for the lead in my work pool. It would all come down to the Miami vs. Florida State game this evening. Immediately I devised a game watching plan. I would go get some beer, order a pizza, and cheer on the Seminoles. I went down to my local Chevron station to buy some Zeigen Bock, and the clerk flirted shamelessly with me and tried to get an invite to my Texas Watch Party next week. I will never be interested but was none the less flattered, especially considering I had on no makeup and did not fix my hair today. For the pizza, I called one of those one line fits all numbers that is supposed to direct your call to the store nearest your home. Why they have these I have no idea. They NEVER work! The store I got directed me to another number, and then that store directed me to yet another number. The third time was a charm as they say. With a beer and pizza slice in hand, I settled in for a night of college football with a little Laguna Beach on the side. I needed Florida State to win, and the total score to be 45+. FSU did indeed win, but the score only came to 17. Damn the luck! Congrats to the Seminoles, but couldn't you have scored some more? I guess that is asking too much when you're playing Miami. My winnings would have replenished the funds I spent this weekend in San Antonio. Oh well, better luck next time!


CT said...

goose you so crazy!!! but good job on flirting with the gas guy.... he so wanted your action!!!!

Lish said...

I did not do the flirting. He did the flirting.

-E said...

So I was surfing around on Michele's blog and found yours. Sounds like a good weekend to me!